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    To use this calculator change the above fields as desired:
  • Mortgage Amount: Enter your mortgage amountthis is the Principal Loan Balance
  • Interest Rate (%): Enter the annual interest rate
    CANADIANS:Add a C (e.g. 7.75C) to use a conversion factor to convert Canadian rates to a US equivalent to use in the calculations.
  • Amortization Length: Years, typically 30 or 15 in US, 25 in Canada
  • Starting Month Year: Select the starting month and enter the year
  • Show full amortization table? No or Yes (This is a long table)
  • Pre-payment method options:
    None : No Prepayments
    Monthly : Pre-pay a set amount each month
    Annually : Pre-pay a set amount once each year
    Bi-weekly A: 26 half paymts/yr - 2 half pre-paymts each 6 months
    Bi-weekly B: 26 half paymts/yr - 1 full pre-paymt each 12 months
    One Time : Pre-pay one set amount after a given # of months
  • Prepayment Amount: Monthly/Annually/One-Time Principal Prepayment Amount
  • Prepayment after month: One-Time Prepayment to be paid after payment number of months
  • Display Using: HTML 3.0 Tables or Plain Text
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